Specialist in Emerging Markets Health Care


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Investment support

Value added

Successful investment track record.


Structured approach using bespoke evaluation tools.


Comprehensive assessment of market and business operations.


High degree of reassurance,  supported by evidence-based analysis and conclusions.

Across the globe spending on health care continues to grow strongly - driven by rapidly aging populations, availability of new technologies, and rising incomes and expectations.  Nowhere is this more evident than in emerging markets.  As a result, the health sector offers potentially very attractive investment, and social, returns – evidenced, in recent years, by scores of listings and the emergence of several international health care companies.  

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We specialize in support to all phases of the investment/M&A project cycle including:

initial project identification and screening

due diligence and feasibility analysis


performance improvement and turnaround

business strategy formulation and execution


Refined and tested over several years we have developed a robust process for due diligence assessment which encompasses:

governance and management

market assessment

business strategy

regulatory environment

business model

facilities model

services model

performance (including financial, utilization and efficiency)

performance improvement potential

growth potential

HR/staffing issues

risk assessment (including business, clinical, environmental, insurance)

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